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 Item#: 105633-23


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10 Movies - VAULT OF HORROR on 5 DVDs

STARRING: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Graves, David Jannsen, Peter Cushing, Clint Walker, George A. Romero and more.

  • SCREAM OF THE WOLF - Wolf or Man? Or BOTH! An adventure writer is called in to investigate a series of brutal murders but is confused by the tracks leading away from the crime scene. He calls a mysterious friend who may know more than he is willing to say about the deaths. Starring: Peter Graves, Clint Walker, Jo Ann Pflug. Directed by: Dan Curtis (78 minutes)

  • WOLFMAN - A man comes home to bury his father who died after a long illness... he thinks. But the will has been changed and leads to a world of dreadful curses, mystery, horror, & death. This is not what he is expecting... nothing is. (100 minutes)

  • MOON OF THE WOLF - The mangled body of a young girl is found on the property of a wealthy family in a small Cajun town in Louisiana. The sheriff believes he is on the trail of the killer but more clues start pointing to more killers as more bodies turn up. He thinks he is getting close to the answer as the full moon comes out to light his way. Starring: David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman. Directed by: Daniel Petrie (75 minutes)

  • SNOWBEAST - A mysterious animal is ripping snow skiers to shreds, one at a time, in a Colorado ski resort. Two champion skiers decide to track and kill the beast instead of waiting to be tracked and killed themselves. They must succeed, or they will die trying. (97 minutes)

  • SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT - A spooky old mansion, a whispering voice on the phone telling long hidden secrets, a murderous maniac, and no way out! This is the film that started a trend in horror films revolving around a holiday. If you hate ChristmasÖ this film is for you. (88 minutes)

  • DONíT LOOK IN THE BASEMENT - A beautiful nurse reports for duty at her new job in a sanitarium. She soon starts to have misgivings about her supervising doctor as well as all of the patients. (89 minutes)

  • JACK THE RIPPER - Based on a true story. Bloody Jack the Ripper is dismembering pretty prostitutes by night. The Police Inspectorís girlfriend decides to go undercover to uncover the truth. (82 minutes)

  • SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA - Scotland Yard must stop a killer before he can release a deadly virus upon mankind. He leaves a trail of dead and maimed victims as if he were Dracula, himself. (82 minutes)

  • HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL - Vincent Price stars in the classic haunted house thriller. Five people are offered $10,000 each to spend some time in a notorious haunted house. Who will survive, if anyone?

  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - The dead come back to life at a pretty young girlís fatherís funeral! She finds herself in one of the all time scariest and classic horror scenes of all time as she and an odd cross-section of assorted other folks board themselves into a farmhouse, trying to keep the brain eating ZOMBIES OUT! (97 minutes)

  • Interactive DVD Movie Trivia Game
    An exciting movie trivia game playable right on your TV via your DVD player. Keeps track of your score every time you play! Four additional DVD movie trivia games are available from this disc via a DVD-ROM drive equipped PC and your internet connection!

  • DVD Dictionary
    Complete dictionary explaining every aspect of DVD technology from A to Z... Over 50 DVD topics discussed in detail! The DVD dictionary can also be down-loaded and printed from your DVD-ROM drive-equipped PC!

    Horror on 5 DVDs

"We carry light stock on this title. If we're awaiting a restocking order, it may take two weeks or more to ship to you. "

Color, DVD

Starring: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Graves, David Jannsen, Peter Cushing, Clint Walker, George A. Romero, Jo Ann Pflug, Barbara Rush, Philip Carey, Don Megowan, Brian Richards, Lee Paul, Jim Storm, Bonnie Van Dyke, Dean Smith, Grant Owens, Orville Sherman, Vernon Weddle, Bill Baldwin S

Director: Dan Curtis, Daniel Petrie, George A. Romero

Vendor: BWD
Vendor #: BWD44047-9
Medium: Feature Film
Our Price: $19.99
Package: Printed Sleeve


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