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 Item#: 107651-03


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21 great WWII short films on 3 VHS cassettes - Boxed Set:Seven great WWII short films on 3 VHS:


  • TO THE SHORES OF IWO JIMA - (1945 Color) 19:05 min - The Japanese spent 20 years fortifying this island. 4000 U.S. fighting men lost their lives. This Academy Award nominee tells the story of the invasion of Iwo Jima.

  • DIVIDE AND CONQUER - (1943) 14:27 min - This short examines Hitlerís propaganda techniques. Excellent example of wartime propaganda films produced by the major studios.

  • PRIVATE SNAFU - THE HOME FRONT - (1943) 4:22 min - This WWII cartoon series has Pvt. Snafu homesick - imagining what might be happening on the home front.

  • YOU, JOHN JONES! - (1944) 10:18 min - This starkly dramatic short looks at patriotism and duty on the American home front.

  • THE HOUSE I LIVE IN - (1945) 10:13 min - Frank Sinatraís famous short won an Academy Award. Powerful film deals with post-war racism and antisemitism. A young Sinatra gives street kids a pep talk & sings title song.

  • ROOKIE REVUE - (1945 color) 7:38 min - A zany WWII color cartoon spoofs basic training techniques. New recruits go through the drill.

  • THUNDERBOLT - (1945 color) - Directed by William Wyler & John Sturges. Narrated by Lloyd Bridges & Eugene Kern. Gritty documentary chronicles the 57th Fighter Group & the air war over Italy. P-47ís destroy vital supply routes behind enemy lines.

  • THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY - (1942 color) 18:07 min - John Fordís Academy Award-winning short documents this important battle. FDR wanted this film seen by the mothers of America. Henry Fonda is a narrator.

  • WOMEN IN DEFENSE - (1942) - Katharine Hepburn narrates this look at the many important jobs performed by American women during World War II.

  • PRIVATE SNAFU - FIGHTING TOOLS - (1943) 4:36 min - The World War II cartoon character gets a lesson on the importance of keeping his equipment in tip-top shape.

  • THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER - (1942 color) 2:43 min - Singer Sugar Kane delivers a patriotic performance concerning war sentiment abroad.

  • DIARY OF A SERGEANT - (1945) 26:00 min - Inspirational documentary about a soldier, Harold Russell, who is fitted with artificial arms. Russell subsequently won an Academy Award in William Wylerís The Best Years of our Lives.

  • AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A JEEP - (1943) 9:29 min - Lighthearted look at this symbol of Americaís wartime presence thoughout the world.

  • THIS IS KOREA! - (1951 color) 49:18 min - Directed by John Ford, this offbeat and impressionistic study of the Marinesí struggle for Korea - was the only color documentary made concerning the Korean War. A seldom seen classic.

  • WITH THE MARINES AT TARAWA - (1943 color) 20:09 min - Events filmed in color by 15 combat cameramen document this bloody battle from original planning to final execution.

  • HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN - (1944) 5:23 min - Dinah Shore parodies a popular song and rubs elbows at a Hollywood bash attended by prominent stars.

  • JAP ZERO (In Recognition of the Japanese Zero) - (1942) 17:12 min - Future president Ronald Reagan almost shoots down one of our own planes in a case of mistaken identity.

  • JAPANESE RELOCATION - (1942) 9:03 min - Government film attempts to put a respectful spin on one of the darker moments in the history of American Democracy.

  • PRIVATE SNAFU IN THE ALEUTIANS - (1945) 4:29 min - Warner Brothers produced cartoon series - finds Private Snafu enduring the hardships of a hostile environment.

  • REPORT FROM THE ALEUTIANS - (1943 color) 46:33 min - John Hustonís Academy Award nominated documentary. Airmen serve in remote Alaska. Spectacular!

  • NEWSPARADE OF 1945 - (1945) 9:19 min - Newsreel compilation of the decisive events leading to victory over the German and Japanese forces.

Winner of two 'Telly' Awards

"Series Synopsis: THE UNCLE SAM MOVIE COLLECTION offers a unique glimpse into American history and popular culture -- taking audiences on a fascinating journey into our nation's past! Experience the power of motion pictures to persuade, inform, honor and celebrate the contributions and sacrifices made by the men and women of the 20th century who left us the world in which we live. Many of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers contributed their talents to the making of these films. Content in most of these films is surprisingly relevant to today's global events and headlines.

THE UNCLE SAM MOVIE COLLECTION is hosted by Denis Arndt, acclaimed stage, screen and television actor and decorated Vietnam veteran."

"We carry light stock on this title. If we're awaiting a restocking order, it may take two weeks or more to ship to you. "

BC, 375 minutes VHS 2000

Starring: Denis Arndt, Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn, Sugar Kane, Harold Russell, Dinah Shore, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Lloyd Bridges, Eugene Kern

Director: John Ford, John Huston

Vendor: USM
Medium: Collection
Our Price: $29.99
Package: Printed Sleeve


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